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Interior Detailing ServicesAll auto interior detailing services include a thorough vacuuming and air purging to remove dirt, dust and debris. All mirrors and windows are thoroughly cleaned. Prices shown below are estimates, actual cost of service will depend on the condition and size of your automobile.

The cleansers and dressings we use to detail your auto interior are made by Detail King in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. All of our chemicals are safe for the environment while still achieving maximum results.

Whole Interior

$80 - $150

Your auto interior is first air purged and vacuumed to remove dust and dirt and other debris from your cars interior including floor boards and hard to access cracks and crevices. Leather and vinyl parts along with trim are treated and detailed so they look like new. Dash board, door panel, consoles, and pockets are given special attention. We then pre-spot interior upholstery and carpet, shampoo them by hand and then deep clean with a heated extractor to remove the stale odors, grime, and ground-in dirt. The auto interior cleaning products we use contain balanced pH and optical brighteners. We also clean both exterior and interior mirrors, windows and gauges are detailed. You can choose from several fragrances.

Ozone Treatment

$50 - $100

Ozone Treatment can eliminate odors from smoke damage, cigarettes, and other odor causing substances. Ozone is a gas with a unique pungent scent. It's a molecule with 3 atoms of oxygen. It occurs easily in nature, at beaches, in the forests, or near a waterfall. The scent of a fresh spring rain after a storm is from the natural ozone in the air. Being next to the most powerful sterilizing chemical in existence, it easily kills mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other odors rather quickly. We place the ozone generator in the interior of your vehicle after the odor source has been cleaned. Ozone treatment times can vary.  It usually takes about one 1/2 hour to a couple of hours. We recommend our Full Interior Service before using our ozone treatment.

Seats and Carpet Shampooing

$40 - $90

To remove loose debris, automotive seats and floor boards will be vacuumed and air purged. We then check your carpets for stains, excessive grime and ground-in dirt. We then hand shampoo them. We deep clean your interiors fabric with a heated extractor removing grime and dirt along with odors. Seating surfaces made from leather are cleaned, then conditioned with the finest products, restoring your leather’s natural elegance.

Quick Interior Spruce

$25 - $55

Your automotive interior components made from vinyl, including dash boards and consoles, along with panels on doors and pockets are wiped wet, removing surface dirt and dust. The choice is yours, choose either a low shine or high shine dressing to be applied to your cars trim. Inside and Outside mirrors and windows are then cleaned thoroughly.

Fabric Protection

$30 - $60

Our colorless and odorless fabric protection will guard your vehicle from protein spills while forming an invisible shield around fibers so that spills will not leave stains. Applying fabric protection to newly cleaned auto upholstery or carpets will keep your cars interior clean much longer and make future clean-ups quick & easy. This is a "Must Get" detail service for a new vehicle.

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